Music, science, food, and film creations

TED-axe Talk at SamFest, “The Unseen World Inside Us”


Making a Microbe Manor

Check out how my little buddies are doing as they find their perfect microenvironments. This fun Winogradsky Column experiment is in progress now!


Sounds of the Prairie Short Film

I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the International Wildlife Film Festival‘s Science Filmmaking Workshop to be part of the team who made this mini-documentary. Read more about my experience in my IWFF Labs Blog and watch the video here.

“Sounds of the Prairie” short film by Carlos Toro, Cliff Kapono, Arun Dayanandan, and Tess Eidem

Founder of the WiSE SciComm Symposium

Helping scientists distill their scientific message, highlight WiSE members’ research in TED-style format, and illustrating careers in science communication.

Play your DNA and Win! Transcription Board Game


Check out my blog describing this board game, and click here to download.

Game Board pic
Play the Transcribe Your Genes Board Game!

Dunman Lab Research Video


I worked with Vagabond Video to write the script, produce, and star in this video describing my dissertation research in the Dunman Lab.

Co-owner of Live Cultures Fermented Foods

My husband and I have teamed up to combine my microbiology know-how with his brewing expertise to form Live Cultures Fermented Foods.

LCFFs logo png
Explore the probiotic love of Live Cultures Fermented Foods.

Musical Creations in Under the Eaves


I team up with the hubs, Derek Staebell, to make beautiful music together as the band Under the Eaves.

Listen to Under the Eaves

The Bench Warmers Science Podcast

Interviewed and wrote the theme music for The Bench Warmers “Stories from Life in the Sciences” podcast by Drs. Madeline Sofia and Karl J.P. Smith.

Listen to The Bench Warmers Science Podcast

University of Rochester Microbiology and Immunology Department Video

I co-produced this promotional video with Derek Staebell of Vagabond Video.

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